Free Spirit World Tour

Khalid — Free Spirit World Tour

Production Design Lighting Design Video Content Direction
Parnelli Award Nomination: Lighting Designer Of The Year
Silent House Studios supported Khalid on his headline arena tour in support of his sophomore album 'Free Spirit.'

There was more to designing this tour than lighting & video.

There are three fundamental principles to the success of a show’s design: aesthetics, logistics, & finance.  It is vital to make sure that our designs don't outstrip the venue’s capacity, the number of crew & trucks available, nor the tour’s budget. We can design for a club or a stadium, but the core outlook remains the same. Khalid’s team came to us not just for a show that would look great, but for a process that would be enjoyable, considerate, & balanced in its approach.

Talk about a dream team.

This show perfectly exemplifies how much stronger we (at Silent House) are as a team. When Baz and I were brainstorming, Tamlyn walked past Baz's office and was instantly able to make a suggestion for a product we were grasping to find: the now famous... string curtain. As such, we were able to project video onto the screen, giving Khalid an ethereal presence on stage - entirely fitting....

Seamlessly incorporating IMAG was essential.

"Khalid is such an affectionate & authentic artist, who maintains his visual connection with the audience throughout the show. However, Khalid is vibrant, young, & energetic, so we wanted to make sure that we could accomplish a large amount of IMag integration without it ever feeling solely functional." — Baz Halpin
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"Khalid is an open performer, full of warmth & positivity. There is nothing too harsh or stark except for one song, ‘My Bad,’ which is black-and-white, monochromatic. Outside of that, we keep it lush & warm." — Baz Halpin

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