Silent House Productions is a global award-winning design agency that operates as a hub for creative excellence.  Our company is known for creating unique spectacles, including: broadcast music specials, entertainment architecture, exhibitions, production tours, theatrical residencies, themed entertainment, and also brand development.  

     Silent House provides an all-inclusive experience that caters to each specific client — from blue sky, concept refinement, schematic design, budget/procurement, pre-visualization, production design and show creation, through to its opening.

     Our eclectic designs redefine the visual experience, and our quick project delivery and management lead to successful events around the world. The Silent House Productions team consists of innovative individuals with prominent international design backgrounds.
Baz Halpin, CEO and founder of Silent House, began his career as a lighting crew chief & programmer in Dublin. He is now the creative director behind some of the world’s best-selling tours.

Baz Halpin

Tamlyn’s passion is designing live events and environments that blur the lines of architecture and technology. Starting in theatre as a scenic artist, costume and set designer, she is now an award-winning production designer & producer.

Tamlyn Wright

Cory’s innovative work began with NYU, then Broadway, and now designing tours for top-selling artists such as Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez.

Cory FitzGerald

Alex Reardon, President of Silent House, moved to LA in the late 90s to continue his career as a lighting designer before shifting focus on creative direction.  His design vision combines musicality with an appreciation of form and function.

Alex Reardon

Known for saying, “Once an Entertainer, always an entertainer,” Melissa is at home with Silent House, where she can bring her experience and knowledge as a performer to the production side.

Melissa Garcia

Nolan has danced with some of the biggest artists in the industry on some of the world’s biggest stages. With an undeniable passion for music and movement, he continues to share “His Groove” with the Silent House Family.

Nolan Padilla

As an LA native and CalArts alum, Vincent uses his multidisciplinary creative background to lead the Silent House studio team in projects that cover the full spectrum of immersive experiential settings. 

Vincent Richards

Parker got his humble start sewing bed sheets into backdrops and performing for his family all too often. Now on the other side of the curtains and cameras, he enjoys developing shows for both small & large artists & events. 

Parker Genoway

With both an architecture and fine arts background, Amanda is always searching for the best way to visually represent a project. She enjoys every stage of the creative problem solving process from initial sketch to finished product.

Amanda Hamilton

A lover of narrative storytelling (both visual and built), Brent brings a wide range of talents to the team. He studied architecture at Carleton University and worked in movies for 16 years as a set designer and illustrator before joining Silent House.

Brent Lambert

With a background in lighting and production management, Jake has worked on executing all aspects of production. When he isn’t drafting light plots, he’s playing guitar and writing music. He is on our Forbes Top 10 list for sure.

Jake Forbes

After touring the world managing up-and-coming artists’ productions, Zach traded in his well-worn, smelly shoes to support Silent House Productions and the Flower St Factory creative campus as General Manager.

Zach Bailey

Shondra has managed PR & communications for various entertainment, hospitality, and corporate clients. Now with Silent House, she brings swift organization and a ton of joy.  She is a dual-degree graduate from Cal State Fullerton.

Shondra Kenoly

Resident genius, Danny Kim brings his impressive resume of 3D visual art to the Silent House table. He is a man of few words and many talents.  Danny develops impressive 3D workflows with C4D, Unreal, and more.

Danny Kim